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Take a Hike! See our Newest Publication

Located just 22 miles from Los Angeles, Catalina Island offers rare opportunities to escape the crowds. We produced this issue of the Conservancy Times magazine for one of the state’s oldest and largest land trusts, the Catalina Island Conservancy. The magazine describes how hiking is one of the best ways to explore the essence of Catalina’s wild side. Even though almost 1 million people visit Catalina Island every year, hikers can find solitude along the more than 150 miles of hiking opportunities on the island’s road and trail system.

More hiking trails are on the way with a generous grant supported by Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe. With these funds, the Conservancy is planning to expand and enhance the trail system so that Catalina visitors and residents will be able to enjoy a world-class hiking experience.

This issue also reports on a new initiative to help ensure the survival of the eight species of bats known to live on Catalina and determine if other bat species also call the Island home. In addition, the magazine gives readers a chance to learn about the most remote part of Catalina, the West End.

We develop and produce this twice yearly publication for the Conservancy to help it inform its members and potential members, donors and volunteers about the nonprofit organization’s important work to protect and restore Catalina Island. The magazine also makes readers aware of the many opportunities to enjoy this very special place. Please see this and all our other publications by clicking here.

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