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Founded by an award-winning former journalist, our firm provides an insider’s view of how the media works and what to expect in today’s rapidly changing media environment. We know the media, and we know how to develop the stories that will attract its interest.

We have developed relationships with many in the media and work closely with them on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on a reputation of dealing ethically, honestly and fairly with the media so that all our clients can benefit from our reputation. From a detailed media strategy to a simple press release, we will adroitly manage and meet your media relations needs.


With decades of experience, our trainers provide expert media and presentation training to ensure you make the most of every appearance and exchange with others in the workplace.
Having been both an interviewer and interviewee, Laura Mecoy has provided her customized training programs to CEOs, academics, attorneys, researchers, healthcare outreach workers, international investment specialists and many more. She will teach you how to make the most of every type of interview or presentation and be sure you are prepared for all types of situations – from a hostile ambush-style interview to repetitive media tours.


Our associate, Gerilynn Berg, is an expert facilitator who can help guide your team through a training session that will improve interpersonal communications within your organization. With decades of experience, she makes learning sessions enjoyable, practical and relevant to real-world business challenges. Her personable approach and delivery style and her ability to translate often complex topics ensure behavioral changes that will improve your organization’s interpersonal communications. Here’s what one of her clients had to say about her services:
"Thank you for the terrific training and information that you provided during the two days of interview training. I recognize what you do is not easy and requires a tremendous amount of planning, preparation, energy and enthusiasm. I wanted to offer a proper thank you for all of your guidance and training – you were excellent!"

Dino Piscione
Assistant General Manager


The success of any communications program depends on how, where and when you convey your story to the intended audiences. Our strategic approach, compelling messages and meticulous communications plans will ensure that you tell your story at the right time to the right audience through the right channels.

Our innovative communications programs go beyond the traditional to create new, more engaging ways to generate a discussion, drive change and increase sales or donations. We have the skills and the experience to develop and implement both high-visibility and behind-the-scenes communications campaigns that deliver results.

Our network possesses invaluable experience in creating custom-tailored strategies and plans which serve the unique needs and capacities of each of our clients. We spend the time needed to fully understand a client’s needs and the context in which they operate to ensure we can deliver winning communications campaigns.


Our first focus is to make sure you avoid the crises. We look ahead and anticipate situations to advise you on how to avoid a crisis. But not all crises can be avoided, and litigation is increasingly a part of any major organization’s ongoing challenges.The very future of your organization can depend on your response when the lawsuit is filed or the crisis erupts. Proactively engaging, effectively communicating and tactfully delivering your side of the story are essential to success.

With decades of experience, we will create the strategies and messages to successfully navigate challenging situations. We work hand-in-glove with legal teams to ensure all communications support the legal strategy and protect the organization’s reputation.

We also develop detailed crisis preparedness and response plans so that your organization will be fully prepared for today’s 24/7 media and social media news cycles. These plans are flexible, visionary and carefully calculated to serve your organization today and into the future.


We are skilled researchers, writers, photographers, videographers and graphic designers who successfully craft communications tools to reach your target audiences. We create messaging, compelling content, photos, graphic design and other media for videos, websites, social media, e-newsletters, printed materials, magazines, news articles, press releases and any other form of communication you need.

From developing new communications tools to refreshing an existing one, we can advise you on the best approach and implement it for you. We will work closely with you to ensure that you have all the communications tools you need to effectively tell your story.

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We have helped law firms – from AmLaw 100 to litigation boutiques – navigate named partners' departures, win top lawyer awards, publicize new partners and practices and build their online and offline presence. With our expertise in media relations and communicating with a wide range of audiences, we can do much more than just create a new website. We can help your attorneys secure the coveted awards, earn Chambers rankings and become a go-to source for the media.

Unlike other law firm marketing companies, we won’t help your competition. We serve only a select number of firms – all of which have different practice focuses. We create customized marketing plans, aimed at serving your needs and reaching your existing and potential clients. Contact us to create an effective marketing strategy tailored for your firm and only your firm.