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Please see our latest edition of the Conservancy Times, a publication we created and produce for our client, the Catalina Island Conservancy. It’s mailed and distributed widely so the Conservancy can share its stories with its supporters, members, Catalina Island visitors and others.

This edition’s cover story, A Living Laboratory: Catalina’s Community Based Conservation, describes how Catalina Island and the Catalina Island Conservancy stand out as living laboratories for developing the models for conservation, community engagement, education and financial sustainability. From the research it conducts to the many programs it offers Island residents and visitors, the Conservancy serves as a 21st Century model of science-based conservation in a lived landscape.

This issue also celebrates the groundbreaking for the Conservancy’s new visitors’ center, The Trailhead, which represents another step forward in IMAGINE CATALINA, the Conservancy’s long-range strategic plan and vision for the future.

The magazine also introduces readers to the Conservancy’s new president and CEO, Tony Budrovich, and the organization’s two new board members, Calen B. Offield and Patrick McAlister. In addition, it features photos from this year’s Conservancy Ball, an invitation to next year’s ball and an invitation to Catalina: The Wild Side Art Show on Oct. 23.

While the Conservancy also communicates online and through email with its target audiences, the magazine is a great visual storytelling tool to communicate the beauty of the Island and the importance of protecting it. The nearly 1 million annual visitors to Catalina can pick up copies in their hotel rooms, and the Conservancy distributes copies at their events. With these uses, the magazine has become an important tool for building support for the organization. To read the magazine online, please click here.



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