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Paddling With A Purpose: Supporting Team Surviveoars

Mecoy Communications is proud to sponsor the Central Coast Dragon Boat Association’s “Team Surviveoars” trip to the 14th Club Crew World Championship in Italy in September 2024. The association is a remarkable community of cancer survivors and supporters who are dedicated to the ancient sport of dragon boat racing and the profound healing the sport offers to those affected by cancer. It is our honor to support such an important and life-changing cause. 


This cause strikes a deeply personal chord, as one of the incredible rowers, Jude Clement, is a dear friend of ours. We stand by Jude and all her teammates as they embark on this incredible challenge. 


Since 2014, the Central Coast Dragon Boat Association has stood as a beacon of hope and healing for cancer survivors and their loved ones who live in California’s Central Coast. 

For breast cancer survivors in particular, the benefits of dragon boat racing are profound. Surgery and treatment for breast cancer can often leave survivors grappling with physical and emotional scars. The repetitive motion of paddling helps to rework muscles that may have been harmed during surgery, promoting physical rehabilitation and improving overall strength. 


Moreover, the sense of camaraderie and support fostered within the dragon boat community provides an invaluable source of emotional healing, empowering survivors to navigate the challenges they face with resilience and the support of a community of teammates both in and out of the water. 


For more information and to make a donation to the Central Coast Dragon Boat Association,  please visit https://ccdba.org/

To learn more about Mecoy Communications’ philanthropic endeavors, which are core to both our values and the value we provide, visit our Giving Back page.

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