It’s Alive!

A new infographic from Burrelles Luce, the media monitoring service, shows newspapers aren’t dead yet. Circulation in the nation’s top 25 newspapers has grown an average of 25% over the last five years.

More than half of Americans are still reading their newspapers in print, and some of the country’s savviest investors are buying newspapers. So, the argument goes, if Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos think print is a good investment, it must be a thriving industry.

Not sure we fully agree. While newspapers have created web presences, most still haven’t figured out how to make money online. And many of their Internet offerings leave a lot to be desired in terms of the users’ experience.

Still, we believe newspapers remain an important part of most communications efforts. Content is king as they say. And newspapers still have more staff and greater skills to produce written content than anyone else. Opinion leaders still read them. Their online content gets recirculated through emails, texts, social media and more. And so many of the other outlets – from television to bloggers – look to newspapers for story ideas and content for commentary.


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