Is Social Media Truly Free?

Yes and no. Yes, you can create your social media sites for free. But it costs to develop the strategies and create the content that will generate followers, build your brand and help sell your product, cause or organization.

Don’t just take our word for it. See the quotes of the social media experts in this infographic. We know more people are getting their news and information from social media. To be part of that conversation, companies, causes and nonprofit organizations must be actively participating in the dialogues on the platforms their target audiences are using.

Successfully using these platforms requires an assessment of which social media outlets your target audiences are using and what conversations attract the attention of your audiences. You can then use that information to develop a social media program that will generate followers, comments and conversation.

Take the advice of the experts quoted in the infographic and develop a budget for social media that is in accordance with your industry and your competitors. Also, try to use more senior level communicators to develop content and strategies for social media because these platforms are destined to become an increasingly important means for communicating with customers, supporters and donors.


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