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How to Create the Best Blog Posts Ever?

Turning that blank page into a blog post that will attract readers short on time and attention requires answering that age-old question: What have you done for me lately? Providing useful information or stories that move them in some way creates content that attracts, holds and persuades readers. In other words, they have to see some immediate benefit.

How to create blog posts that answers that question? We struggle with that every day. But here are our Seven Essential Ingredients for creating public relations and marketing blog posts that demonstrate expertise and can win over current and potential customers, clients, donors and supporters.

  1. Snazzy Headlines: Envisioning the intended audiences will help create a compelling headline that will draw them in. But don’t go too far. “Click bait” has become the maligned term for sensational headlines that promise more than they deliver.
  2. Big Opening: Following a great headline with a powerful opening paragraph will ensure readers immediately know what would be the benefit of reading the rest of the blog post.
  3. Powerful Words: Picking powerful words, avoiding the passive voice and keeping sentences short makes reading go even faster.
  4. A Strong Narrative: Telling a compelling story is always the strongest way to connect to readers and persuade them.
  5. Or Use Bullet Points and Listicles: Yes, they’re overused. But they create blog posts that readers can quickly scan to see what points they need to know and which ones they can skip.
  6. Shorter is Better: For a listicle like this one, 300-700 words are plenty. Longer articles may be needed for a compelling narrative that delves into a topic in-depth. Knowing the audience is truly interested and willing to spend time with the topic will help determine if a post should be 1,000 words or more.
  7. End with a Bang: Sum up the topic and ask readers to respond – as in, what other essential ingredients do you include in creating the best blog posts ever?


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