Celebrating New Park

We’re pleased to join our client, the LA Neighborhood Land Trust, in celebrating the acquisition of a former industrial site in the Del Amo neighborhood of Carson that will become a much-needed park for a community that has been fighting to get a park there for more than 20 years.

Acquisition of the 8.5 acre site is a long-awaited and important milestone in achieving the Del Amo community’s vision of a neighborhood park where they can participate in sports, have a picnic, take a walk and enjoy the outdoors. “It has taken a long time to realize this dream but, finally, here we are,” said Cynthia Babich, director of the Del Amo Action Committee. “We’re so grateful to our community’s new partners, the LA Neighborhood Land Trust, for its indispensable help in making this happen.”

The park will provide much-need access to sports and recreation for the nearly 80,000 people in the area, who have no easy access to a park now. Of those, nearly 5,000 children and teens will be within a 10-minute walk of the new park. Currently, the closest park is more than two miles away and is difficult to reach by bike or on foot.

“Up to now, people in the Del Amo area — including my children and now my grandchildren — have had to travel outside our comfort zone to find a safe place for kids to play,” said Cynthia Medina, a longtime resident who lives a few blocks from the planned park site. “Now we will have something to call our own. More than that, it will also give us self-esteem because it says that we are important – that people care about our families and our future. That is a big thing.”

Celebrating 20-year quest to create a park on former industrial site.
Celebrating 20-year quest to create a park on former industrial site.

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