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Using Anniversaries and Milestones to Celebrate Your Organization

Is your organization nearing an anniversary or significant milestone in its history? If so, celebrating it is a great way to publicize your accomplishments and look forward to the future. Marking a major anniversary or milestone promotes pride in the organization, builds goodwill among customers, donors and others and gives you a chance to build

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See how we got started!

Idea Mensch, a media outlet devoted to entrepreneurship, recently reached out to our founder and president, Laura Mecoy, to get her views on starting and building a business. Following are some of her answers. You can see more at https://ideamensch.com/laura-mecoy/ Where did the idea for Mecoy Communications come from? Taking a page from the presidential,

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How to Create the Best Blog Posts Ever?

Turning that blank page into a blog post that will attract readers short on time and attention requires answering that age-old question: What have you done for me lately? Providing useful information or stories that move them in some way creates content that attracts, holds and persuades readers. In other words, they have to see

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