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Making Your Gala Earn Much More than Donations

This is Gala Season for many nonprofit organizations, and the smart ones use these annual events for more than fundraising. Beyond honoring those who give the most or can attract the most in ticket and table sales, galas are opportunities to recruit new supporters and re-energize existing ones through strategic communications. It begins with the

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Collateral Development

Digital Disruption Places Premium on Owning Your Platform

With the proliferation of digital and video platforms, the opportunities to engage directly with customers, donors and others via their mobile phones, tablets and laptop and desktop computers are seemingly endless. But too often, these exchanges require using someone else’s real estate — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. — to communicate. The recent changes

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Client news

Using Anniversaries and Milestones to Celebrate Your Organization

Is your organization nearing an anniversary or significant milestone in its history? If so, celebrating it is a great way to publicize your accomplishments and look forward to the future. Marking a major anniversary or milestone promotes pride in the organization, builds goodwill among customers, donors and others and gives you a chance to build

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Storytelling Helps Nonprofits Win Support; Raise Money

Storytelling will create the emotional connections needed to raise funds for your nonprofit. and this video is an effective use of storytelling by one of our clients, Tejon Ranch Conservancy, at a local community meeting. Having strong storytellers, like the Conservancy Public Outreach Manager Scot W. Pipkin, as one of the “faces” of the organization

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