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Diversity in the Media

The racial tensions in Ferguson highlight once again the need for diversity in the media, and an excellent post by Gabe Rosenberg shows that newsrooms have made few advances in hiring a more diverse workforce. As the Pew Research Center has shown, the percentage of minority (a word that really no Read more
What’s in a Name? No Comments

What’s in a Name?

On this morning’s highly rated KTLA-TV newscast, the anchors spent a couple of minutes ridiculing the term Mayor Eric Garcetti used for his “Great Streets” program. He called it “urban acupuncture,” and that became the headline in the LA Times, rather than the “Great Streets” brand. Unfortunately for the mayor, Read more
It’s Alive! No Comments

It’s Alive!

A new infographic from Burrelles Luce, the media monitoring service, shows newspapers aren’t dead yet. Circulation in the nation’s top 25 newspapers has grown an average of 25% over the last five years. More than half of Americans are still reading their newspapers in print, and some of the country’s savviest Read more
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Breathe Free MB on KNBC

We wanted to be sure you saw KNBC-TV’s report on Breathe Free MB, the public education campaign we’ve put together for Manhattan Beach to explain the city’s new Smoke-Free Public Places ordinance. In this report, you can see some of the signage we’ve developed with our graphics partner, Robin Weisz, to Read more

Conservative Storytelling

As we like to say, storytelling moves audiences. They connect emotionally to stories, and they remember stories. Jonah Goldberg, a LA Times op-ed writer and a conservative, in his column today, writes about the importance of storytelling to political ideology. He says conservatives don’t do a great job of storytelling Read more
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Congratulations WilmerHale

We’re proud of all our clients, and especially pleased when they get the recognition they deserve. Law360, one of the leading national legal news sites, conducted a survey and found WilmerHale, one of the nation’s pre-eminent law firms, is the “most-favored” IP group by corporate counsel. WilmerHale specializes in intellectual Read more

Location, Location, Location

This is the successful real estate investor’s mantra, and it also applies in many successful communications campaigns. We were in Oklahoma when the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in support of Hobby Lobby’s policy denying health insurance coverage for certain types of contraceptives on religious grounds. The response here – Read more
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OC Register Fail

The OC Weekly’s analysis of the OC Register’s failure to fulfill its mission to grow its business through the revitalization of print media shows that – much as everyone suspected – the new owners were looking at the changing media landscape through rose-colored glasses, at best, or even blinders. It Read more

Going Viral

It’s the goal of every successful marketer, and many claim to have made an art of it on YouTube and other video sharing services. Jukin Media, for instance, has based a whole business on figuring out what will go viral and monetizing it. PR professionals are always looking for ways Read more