Opening New Clinic for COPD Sufferers 2 Comments

Opening New Clinic for COPD Sufferers

The celebration of a new clinic to provide rehabilitative services to people suffering with COPD drew a big crowd, including LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, leaders in the COPD community and media. The new clinic is especially great news because it is the first in the area to offer rehabilitative Read more
Celebrating New Park 2 Comments

Celebrating New Park

We're pleased to join our client, the LA Neighborhood Land Trust, in celebrating the acquisition of a former industrial site in the Del Amo neighborhood of Carson that will become a much-needed park for a community that has been fighting to get a park there for more than 20 years. Acquisition Read more
How to Create the Best Blog Posts Ever? 1 Comment

How to Create the Best Blog Posts Ever?

Turning that blank page into a blog post that will attract readers short on time and attention requires answering that age-old question: What have you done for me lately? Providing useful information or stories that move them in some way creates content that attracts, holds and persuades readers. In other Read more
Should your Business be on Pinterest? 3 Comments

Should your Business be on Pinterest?

With so many options, determining where and when to engage on social media can be challenging for business. This simple infographic will help you determine whether or not to pick Pinterest for your product. Just follow the dotted lines, and you'll see that Pinterest is best for visually interesting products Read more
5 Rules for Productive Pinning 9 Comments

5 Rules for Productive Pinning

Pinterest--the social media site that lets you “pin” your favorite images, stories, recipes and more--is growing in popularity and usage by brands. At least one company, Aha!ology, which is featured in this story in the Los Angeles Times, has built its entire business on helping brands grow their market through Read more
Time to Join Instagram? No Comments

Time to Join Instagram?

With more than 5 million users and 860,000 shares daily on other social media, Instagram is an increasingly important tool in your social media toolkit. It's especially worthwhile if your product or cause is visually appealing. This infographic gives you an idea of its impact. Have you considered Read more
Social Media Cheat Sheet 1 Comment

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Still not engaged on social media? Here's an easy "cheat sheet" to help you understand some of the most widely used social media sites. It is missing some important social media sites, like Instagram. But it's intended for those who are unfamiliar with social media. This is another example too of Read more
Storytelling Helps Nonprofits Win Support; Raise Money 1 Comment

Storytelling Helps Nonprofits Win Support; Raise Money

Storytelling will create the emotional connections needed to raise funds for your nonprofit. and this video is an effective use of storytelling by one of our clients, Tejon Ranch Conservancy, at a local community meeting. Having strong storytellers, like the Conservancy Public Outreach Manager Scot W. Pipkin, as one of Read more
Sharing our Social Media Expertise No Comments

Sharing our Social Media Expertise

We’re always happy to help. So when reporter Lisa Schmeiser sought tips for companies and individuals to “be awesome on Twitter” and methods for making your “Facebook feed be less frustrating,” we were happy to provide some of the same advice we give every day to our clients – simple Read more
Take a Hike! See our Newest Publication 2 Comments

Take a Hike! See our Newest Publication

Located just 22 miles from Los Angeles, Catalina Island offers rare opportunities to escape the crowds. We produced this issue of the Conservancy Times magazine for one of the state's oldest and largest land trusts, the Catalina Island Conservancy. The magazine describes how hiking is one of the best ways Read more