Infographic Tips: Keep it Simple No Comments

Infographic Tips: Keep it Simple

Infographics create great shareable content for today's social media, and they're easy to create. This simple infographic describes how to create a great infographic. It recommends keeping the content simple, the design clean and the facts organized. Following these simple tips will create an infographic that effectively conveys information, attracts attention Read more
Take a Page from Hillary No Comments

Take a Page from Hillary

  Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign faced the potential of derailing her recent election gains when she went off script and mistakenly praised former first lady Nancy Reagan for her “low-key advocacy” for combating the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Clinton made the laudatory comments in an interview after Reagan’s death, prompting Read more
Storytelling Creates Empathy No Comments

Storytelling Creates Empathy

This new infographic illustrates why storytelling is such an important part of any successful communications effort. It shows scientific studies have proven that telling a story actually alters the chemistry in the brain, triggering releases of chemicals that create empathy and neural connections that cause listeners to put themselves in Read more