What do Women Think? 1 Comment

What do Women Think?

It’s a perennial question with great significance to marketers because women tend to control the purse strings in most families. Here’s a good infographic that provides a look at what women think about Read more
Kirby Delauter – Don’t Use My Name No Comments

Kirby Delauter – Don’t Use My Name

In our continuing discussion about improving email and other digital communications, we had to share how one locally elected official’s Facebook rant made him a top-trending topic and punching bag on Twitter; a source of numerous memes, like the one here, and the subject of unflattering coverage in media around Read more
A Beluga Whale of a Mistake 1 Comment

A Beluga Whale of a Mistake

Broadcasting digitally is fraught with the potential for mistakes, and one organization, DoSomething.org, recently made a “beluga whale of a mistake,” as it said. The organization, which works with young people on social campaigns, accidentally sent a text message to 2.1 million of its members that said: Hey Can-tributer! Together you Read more
AARP Helping Caregivers 1 Comment

AARP Helping Caregivers

We work with the AARP in educating its membership about a wide range of topics, including this month’s article on how one California legislator is using her firsthand experience to help the millions who provide care to their aging loved ones. Please see it by clicking here. Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown helps Read more