With studies showing the fear of public speaking ranks up there with the fear of death, speakers are often advised to picture their audience naked. Don’t worry. You don’t have to strip the audience bare to communicate effectively. But you do need to become intimately familiar with who your audience will Read more
The “Gig Economy” No Comments

The “Gig Economy”

This is a term that’s gaining popularity as our nation shifts from the traditional 40-hour, one employer, office-driven workforce to a more entrepreneurial and independent workforce. Rather than jumping into the car for a long commute to an office, America’s workforce is increasingly opting for a more mobile and, arguably Read more
South Beach Doc Speaks 1 Comment

South Beach Doc Speaks

Here’s a great opportunity offered by one of our clients for health care professionals to hear from Dr. Arthur Agatston, the developer of the South Beach Diet and the Agatston Read more
Why Do Journalists Make Good PR People? No Comments

Why Do Journalists Make Good PR People?

A prospective client recently asked why we pride ourselves on being former journalists. Our network includes two former journalists, both of whom left the business several years ago and have spent the intervening years mastering the skills of communicating beyond the pages of a newspaper. The experience we have gained Read more
Diversity in the Media No Comments

Diversity in the Media

The racial tensions in Ferguson highlight once again the need for diversity in the media, and an excellent post by Gabe Rosenberg shows that newsrooms have made few advances in hiring a more diverse workforce. As the Pew Research Center has shown, the percentage of minority (a word that really no Read more