OC Register Fail No Comments

OC Register Fail

The OC Weekly’s analysis of the OC Register’s failure to fulfill its mission to grow its business through the revitalization of print media shows that – much as everyone suspected – the new owners were looking at the changing media landscape through rose-colored glasses, at best, or even blinders. It Read more

Going Viral

It’s the goal of every successful marketer, and many claim to have made an art of it on YouTube and other video sharing services. Jukin Media, for instance, has based a whole business on figuring out what will go viral and monetizing it. PR professionals are always looking for ways Read more
NY Times Red-Faced Over Intern? No Comments

NY Times Red-Faced Over Intern?

Our friend, the Washington Post’s Paul Farhi, is one of the nation’s best media reporters. Today, he has a great story about the Post’s rival, the New York Times, hiring an intern who had been an Obama speech writer. Paul covers it in a very even-handed fashion. There was a time Read more

Developers Buying Support?

Our friend, Bill Boyarsky, has an interesting look at how neighborhood groups are wringing concessions from developers by getting contributions to their associations in exchange for the neighbors supporting the developers’ projects. Building almost anything in California is difficult, and it’s no surprise the developers would view these contributions as the Read more

Stopping the Spin Cycle

Spin control -- an attempt to give a bias to news coverage, especially of a political candidate or event. -Dictionary.com Too often, we hear clients suggest that we should “spin” something. We, instead, discuss how to explain something because spin has lost its spin. Today’s consumers are much too savvy to Read more
Hot Properties Make News No Comments

Hot Properties Make News

For many Angelenos, the rapidly rising equity in their home is their retirement plan, so housing prices are always a great source of interest. Add to that the stories of celebrities who can pour millions into a mansion, and you have a recipe for a bestseller. At least, that’s the Read more
OC Register Optimist 1 Comment

OC Register Optimist

We would have to put ourselves in the category of the nostalgic NYU academic Clay Shirkey faulted here for hoping the OC Register’s big commitment to print would work. We knew the economics probably didn’t work. After crawling under our car for the third day in a row to fish Read more
Long Strange Trip it’s Been No Comments

Long Strange Trip it’s Been

The NY Times Maureen Dowd decided to try out some marijuana edibles in Colorado, now that weed is legal there. What followed was more than a bit disturbing for her and a great yarn for the Times. So now she’s being taken to task for being so silly to sample Read more